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Chinese Visa

Instructions for Filling Out China Visa Application


How to Fill Out your Chinese Visa Application form:

Step 1: Go to the link provided

Step 2: Select “Visa Application Form.pdf (V. 2013)”

Step 3: Begin filling out your application form.


-All answers should be in capital letters except for your signature on the last page, which you will sign by hand. Push caps lock button and leave on for duration of application

-If items do not apply type N/A or None. Do not leave sections blank.

-The application does not save your information. Please do not save and try to complete later. Complete in one sitting and print out.


*Please use mock application form below if you have any question


-Section 5 does not need to be filled out

Step 4: Print out completed application form.

Along with a passport-size photo, you should now have all the necessary documents you need to begin the process of ordering your visa through the Travisa website.


Necessary Documents: 

-Your passport

-Chinese Visa Application Form

-Passport photo

-The two letters of invitation (will be provided by us)


Download Chinese Visa Application form

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