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Personalized Skills Center

Personalized Skills Center

The Personalized Skills Center offers a selection of modules to choose from to augment the learning that takes place in the traditional classroom.

Sharpen your core cardiology skills while learning at your leisure on iPads. This is a uniquely dynamic learning opportunity you won't want to miss!

Heart Songs

Research reveals that cardiologists failed to identify more than half of basic murmurs and about 35 percent of advanced murmurs when challenged at a major medical meeting, but skills improved after a 90-minute training session.

Heart Songs provides you with a unique audiovisual experience specifically designed to refresh your cardiac auscultation skills. This clinical skills workshop features three “tracks”:

·       Common heart murmurs

·       More advanced sounds such as bicuspid aortic valve and mitral valve prolapse

·       Expert murmurs such as combined aortic stenosis and regurgitation, or combined mitral stenosis and regurgitation

First, pick a track and assess your baseline skills by taking a confidential pretest. Then simply view videos featuring classic heart murmurs accompanied by phonocardiograms and color Doppler echoes. Each video includes hundreds of repetitions of its murmur, and studies show that simple repetition is all you need to master a new sound. Watch the videos as many times as necessary to see a significant improvement on your posttest scores (most people need to watch 2 to 4 times). Each Heart Songs track takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and sessions are self-paced.

Heart Songs makes sure you know what your stethoscope is telling you!

Body Interact Simulation Lab

Take an experiential, game-based deep-dive into acute and chronic cases covering a broad range of clinical scenarios with the help of the Body Interact Simulation. This physician guided, learn-by-doing approach is highly customizable and suitable for early career and advanced clinicians alike. Cases presented will utilize guidelines and clinical evidence, and will provide you with immediate feedback via a visual dashboard and expert debriefing. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to test your skills and develop your clinical decision-making through real-time patient interaction and peer-to-peer discussion!

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